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About Us

Who We Are

InfiniTech (formerly Synergy Data Services) was formed in 2005 to provide small and mid-sized companies an avenue to outsource their IT infrastructure which, until that point, had typically resided in a “storage room down the hall.”  This technology only got attention when something stopped working and typically, with no IT support on staff, an outside firm had to be called to eventually come on site to fix the problem.  Most companies of this size limped along from day-to-day with older, under-powered and unsupported technology that was too expensive to replace.

Our founder, Phillip Villarreal, recognized this situation and formed Synergy Data Services to address both IT infrastructure support and cost issues.  By bundling services together, our clients have replaced their outdated technology with technology typically found only at the Fortune 500 company level*, and typically for less than what it was costing them to keep their old technology running, supported and upgraded.   Using our services, clients now access “their” data and applications via any internet connection from anywhere in the world.  Today, what we called “outsourcing” in 2005 is now known as “cloud computing services,” Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) more specifically.

What We Do

And we become your 24/7 IT support staff.  Our job is to keep the servers working and data channels open to provide you with full application and data access.   No more calling for help and having to wait for your IT contractor to come on site to research and solve the problem.  We do it all for you.


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