Infinitech Cloud Computing Services
It's Raining Freedom!

The InfiniTech Advantage

We allow you to focus on your business and leave the technology issues to InfiniTech.

Eliminate all of the equipment that takes up room in your office and let us replace it with state-of-the-art, powerful equipment in our data center at a fraction of the cost to you.  You can now use the savings for your business activities and let us provide the IT support you require with our highly trained and experienced staff.

We allow you to reduce your expenses.

There is one thing that is certain – your use of technology will increase over time.  This means more computer equipment, updated equipment, more space required and an increase in utility costs.  We will eliminate these concerns by ensuring that you will always have sufficient resources for your IT requirements at our data center.

We eliminate the frustration of downtime.

Computer downtime is frustrating and a loss of productivity.  One reason for this downtime is the unreliability of your source of power.  Our clients do not experience this problem, even in the most extreme weather conditions, because our data center is located in the most secure power grid in Houston, TX.  In addition, your data and applications will reside on redundant systems.  Should one ever fail, another will automatically replace it.

We allow your personnel to work from anywhere.

You will have the capability to access your data and applications from anywhere in the world through the Internet.  This allows your employees to use there Internet-capable device to work from wherever they may be, at any time of the day.  The cloud also makes it easier for employee collaboration.

We back-up everything nightly.

Your data and applications will be backed up each night at multiple locations around the United States.  Since we run on redundant systems, one back-up is done simultaneously.

We provide full IT support.

Whether it’s resolving a system performance issue or implementing the latest version of an application, our experienced staff is responsible for getting the job done.  No more waiting for your IT outside contractor to show up.  And 24/7 support is available to those clients needing around-the-clock support.


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