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Backup & Redundancy

What do you do if a server fails, you need to backup to an earlier version of an application, the power to your building is interrupted, or a natural disaster hits?  How quickly can you recover?

System Redundancy

At InfiniTech, we offer our clients “self-healing” network technology.   Self-healing describes any device or system that has the ability to perceive that it is not operating correctly and, without human intervention, make the necessary adjustments to resume normal operation.  In simple terms, each of our technology components is fully redundant, meaning we provide a backup system to the primary device.  The switch to the backup device is instantaneous, and our clients experience no service interruption.    

In comparison, typically in your shop, without this level of redundancy, your system downtime depends on how quickly you can:

1. Detect the failure
2. Get your outside contractor to your shop
3. Diagnose the problem
4. Repair or replace the failed part of the system
5. Return the system to full operational status

The reality is that this approach likely will take hours for your shop to become operational again.  With our fully redundant technology, we immediately transfer your work to our backup system with no downtime to you.

System Backup

Because your data is important to you, it is more important to us.  We run daily backups of all client data, and for key systems we perform “bare-metal” backups.  A bare-metal backup allows us to not only recreate data, but also the operating system and all applications on completely new hardware.  This is important for Disaster Recovery.  Utilizing a bare-metal backup allows us to recover quickly if a natural disaster were to impact our data center.

We make four copies of the daily backups of our client data.  Two are stored in our data center, one is loaded to as an independent party, and the final copy is stored in our North Houston offices.  Retrieving data from a backup can typically be completed within minutes of a request.

It is this level of backup and redundant system support that is the deciding factor for many of our clients who have moved from an internally supported technology infrastructure to the InfiniTech cloud.


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