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What the Experts are Saying

Cloud computing is getting the attention of a lot of IT professionals and visionaries.  You have read articles and white papers produced by these experts and found varying degrees of agreement in their assessment of the concept and their predictions for the future.  Regardless of how they interpret the information available, one thing is certain – Cloud Computing is growing at a phenomenal rate.

The following are comments made by some of these experts:

Z. Beckman, HYRAX International

“Distributed computing power is everywhere.  Our laptops, our smart phones, our tablets and iPads are just the beginning, but they have one thing in common with the days of “big iron”.  They all want to connect to something.  That something is rapidly turning out to be the cloud.”

“We’re now sitting at the inception of a new market.  Cloud computing, from a global market standpoint, didn’t exist just a few years ago.  Now the horse is out of the gates, and we’re likely in for quite a ride.”

Bob Egan, Sepharim Group

“One of the byproducts of the macro economic environment we find ourselves facing is high relative net new growth in the small business (SMB) services sector.  I think that there is a seismic shift in the behavior of small business about the value of IT and one of the translations will be a migration to cloud computing.”

Kristof Kloeckner, IBM

“Cloud computing reduces labor costs by up to 50%, improves capital utilization by 75% and reduces provisioning from weeks to minutes.


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