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Most companies today cannot survive without computers and computer support. Many owners and managers of small and mid-sized companies see this need as a necessary evil in running their business, as they know they have little understanding and control over their IT hardware and services. Additionally the costs for keeping the technology running and updated can be an unexpected surprise potentially costing thousands of dollars if something goes wrong. 

Our job is to alleviate these headaches — allowing you to focus on your core business — by removing your old technology from your shop and providing you access to Fortune 500 company caliber hardware and software. You then can access your secured applications and data from any internet connection from anywhere in the world. We provide the storage, access and support of all of your IT infrastructure needs, and at a cost typically less than what you pay today for keeping your infrastructure running and updated, and for ongoing IT support.

More specifically, significant components of our services include:
  • Full IT transition support from the current environment to a fully cloud-based environment
  • Application of fixes and upgrades installed as made available by the software licensor
  • Maintenance and support of equipment and applications to facilitate client processing
  • Consultation and training relating to proper use of equipment and software
  • Audits to review current IT infrastructure and staff for effectiveness
  • Assistance with disposal of retired hardware
  • Many other services tailored to our customers’ needs
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